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    As the mining investment platform of CCIG, Shanghai Hengshi Mining Investment Co., Ltd. has involved in commercial geological exploration, mine development, mineral rights and mining enterprise equity investments. It has successfully owned several share holding, share participating companies with rich mineral resources which radiate to Altay, Hami, Ili and Korla in Xinjiang, more than 30 metal exploration rights includes copper and molybdenum antimony containing gold, copper-nickel, lead and zinc, vanadium and iron, and 2 mineral rights.

    Since the year of 2007, Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co., Ltd., second largest nickle coproration invested by Hengshi, has been listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

    In 2011, Hengshi invested Xinjiang Baodi Mining Industry Co., Ltd., a large-scale state-owned mining enterprise.

    In 2013, the cathode copper production line was officially put into production which is mined in the surface of Harassu Copper Mine owned by Hengshi.

    In 2016, the scale of antimony containing gold resources hold by Hengshi reached the medium-sized Qiemo county Bontai Mining Investment Co., LTD.

    In 2017, the single commissioning of underground primary mine in Harassu Copper Mine Hengshi owned has been performed in the end of October.

    Hydrometallurgical Mill Project

    Located in Areleituobie Town, Qinghe County, Xinjiang, Halasu Hydrometallurgical Mill adopts the worldwide advanced, mature, efficient and environmental friendly hydrometallurgical technique, which includes comprehensive processes of heap bioleaching, extraction and electrodeposition. Halasu’s annual production capacity of high-purity cathode copper is 2,000 tons and its product quality reaches the standard of GB/T467-2010. The Hydrometallurgical Mill Project cost 48 million RMB in total.