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    Shanghai Brightown Health Industry CO., LTD., founded in 2014,the  registered capital of CNY 200 million, is investment and operation platform of health and retirement industry, committed to the development of an institution chain, community home care, derivative services, professional personnel training, intelligent information platform construction, etc. “Building a first-rate health and retirement brand with outstanding characteristics in China” is our vision. “Chain, network, platform and ecology” is our industry target.

    Brightown,the health and retirement brand, gradually from Yangtze river to the country, with nearly 50 chain institutions, nursing homes and gerontological rehabilitation hospital, covering Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Anhui and more than 12 cities, over 15000 beds and 1500 employees, is currently the largest chain and professional-oriented retirement service organization in China.Professional care for people with disability and dementia is a feature of Brightown retirement services. Brightown is currently set up non-engaged care zone in 10 institutions, from two aspects of body and mind to take meticulous care of non-engaged elders. 

    No matter in our retirement institutions, in medical institutions, or in our community home retirement service center, we can make senior people feel the service concept of love, respect and kinship, and live up to the commitment of make the old reassure, make the family relieved.

    • Bairen Tang?Shanghai Haojin Meilong Elderly-care Apartment

      Located in No 7, Lane No 1696, Yindu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, Haojin Meilong Elderly-care Apartment covers an area of 8500 m2, with more than 300 beds. It is star-hotel equipped and hospital-style managed. There are three areas inside the apartment: self-care area, nursing area and mentally handicapped caring area.

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    • Bairen Tang?Nanjin Qiaoxinrenjia Elderly-care Apartment

      Qiaoxinrenjia Pensioners’ Apartment is located in No 60 Qingliangmen Street, Gulou District, Nanjing, with 295 beds in total. Well equipped and Inter-supported by Qiaoxin Nursing Home, it realizes combination of medical service and elderly-care.  Living a Dignified Life with Love and Respect as the core philosophy of care, the apartment sets up a mentally handicapped caring area for the mental disabilities.

    • Bairen Tang?Yulan Nursing Home

      Yulan Nursing Home is the first Japanese-style elderly-care agency in Nantong. Modeled on the Midori No Oka (Lvzhiqiu) Elderly-care Agency in Atsugi, Kanagawa of Japan, it provides service without breaking the elderly’s original lifestyle. Yulan Nursing Home, with 50 beds, covers about 2000 m2.

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    • Bairen Tang?Bomei Nursing Home

      Located in No 428, Wenshui Road, Shounan Street, Ningbo and supported by the government, Bomei Nursing Home is the people's livelihood project. It is qualified as Ningbo medical insurance fixed-point units, with equipment of more than 1000 beds, rehabilitation medical center, mentally handicapped area, multi-f