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    Shanghai CCI Investment Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. CCI Investment is the capital operation platform for senior healthcare industry of the group. 

    CCI Investment focuses on senior healthcare industry. The business includes strategic M&A, strategic investment, equity investment, security investment and venture capital. The registered capital of CCI Investment is 100 million RMB. CCI Investment has more than 50 investment professionals, over 3 billion managed fund and over 2 billion accumulative investment. 

    Shanghai Shengqing Capital Management Company and Shanghai Puzheng Company Management Partnership are subsidiary companies of CCI Investment, especially for senior medical treatment, senior nursing, senior medicine , medical equipment and relative industry investment. CCI Investment also set up Hangzhou Kangyang Investment Partnership for non-institutional non-bed senior industry venture capital investment.

    Strategic M&A        

    Responsible for capital operations and strategic M&A operations at CCIG.

    Case highlights:              

    ◆Equity acquisition of Qiemo Bangtai Mining Investment Co., Ltd.  

    ◆Private Placement of Henan Yicheng New Energy Co., Ltd. (SZ.300080)        

    ◆Meihe Highway acquisition and investment project, Guangdong 

    ◆Fuyang Highway acquisition and investment project, Zhejiang

    ◆Zhongxing Securities Operations Department M&A project

    ◆Tongshan Street Old Town transformation project, Pudong District, Shanghai        

    Securities Investment        

    Operates CCIG’s securities business based on the group’s asset strategy and conducts research on various financial markets and products.         

    Case highlights:                    

    ◆Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), A-shares (SH.601389): implementation of investment plan for first beneficiary under a structured collective asset trust for strategic allotment of equity right.        

    ◆China Life Insurance Co., Ltd., A-shares (SH.601628): implementation of investment plan for beneficiary under a trust plan for strategic allotment of equity right.        

    ◆NARI and Anhui Electric Power A-share issuance projects.

    ◆”Winter Sunshine” Fund No.1        

    Equity Investment             

    Responsible for CCIG’s PE investment business on industries such as finance, manufactory, energy savings, information technology and consumer goods.        

    Case highlights:        

    ◆Xinxin Mining (HK.3833): direct investment and listing in Hong Kong.        

    ◆Equity investment in Xinjiang Baodi Mining Co., Ltd.         

    ◆Equity investment in Nantong Huasheng High Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. (OC.833583)         

    ◆Equity investment in Shanghai Keyontechs Co., Ltd. (OC.430334)     

    ◆Equity investment in China Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Co., Ltd. (OC.834310)         

    ◆Equity investment in Starr Insurance Holdings Co., Ltd.         

    ◆HPC real estate investment in France         

    ◆Daydream Island investment in Australia         

    ◆South Molle Island investment in Australia         

    ◆Equity investment in HD Biosciences (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.       ◆Guangdong Bosi Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.           

    ◆Zhejiang Firstar Panel Technology Co., Ltd.

    Investment in Innovation             

    Responsible for CCIG’s VC and “angel investor” business as well as research in the area of Internet technologies for investment purposes.        

    Case highlights:        

    ◆Co-founder of Phase I and Phase II funds for the Shanghai Pudong Software Park (along with Park management and other companies)        

    ◆Co-founder of the Hangzhou Haolian Fund together with the Hangzhou High Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd.                

    ◆Co-founder of Chenhui Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., together with the Shanghai Chenhang Investment Center

    ◆Equity investment project: EISOO Software Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)    

    ◆Equity investment project: Hangzhou Danyue Technology Co., Ltd. 

    ◆Equity investment project: Chengdu Bangpu Alloy Materials Co., Ltd.         

    ◆Equity investment project: Hangzhou Blue Pencil Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.                

    ◆Equity investment project: KKeYe, Inc. (Suzhou)               

    ◆Equity investment project: Sample Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)