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    Shanghai CCI Energy Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the group, is the group’s investment arm in the arms of clean energy and contractual energy management. CCI Energy, officially filed with the National Development and Reform Commission as a professional energy-saving service agency, is one of the founding members of the Shanghai Contract Energy Management Enterprise Union. It is also a member of the Shanghai Energy Conservation Association. The company, already a leading provider of comprehensive energy-saving solutions, is dedicated to serving clients with systematic energy saving solutions and professional energy management services.

    Scope of business:

    ◆The supply of clean energy

    Gold energy independent research and development and integrated advanced, efficient and stable clean energy technology, through the investment and operation of the model, for customers to build clean energy station and operation and management, to provide users with heating, cooling, hot water and other comprehensive energy services.

    ◆Energy saving - Communication

    Gold energy is committed to communication equipment room energy saving equipment, system R & D and energy-saving service, at present, the development of complete and push the market base station intelligent acquisition and control system and communication energy saving cloud service platform system can significantly reduce base station machine room electricity consumption.

    ◆The building energy saving business

    Gold relying on the energy of the gold group strong financial strength and ability to integrate resources, according to the demand of the customers provide comprehensive system solutions, through investment and operation management services to achieve customer energy system a station type of a full range of energy hosting.

    Projects currently underway include

    ◆Clean energy station at Zhuolang Science Park, Tianjin 

    ◆Clean energy station at Qiseguang Kaiyang School,Handan 

    ◆Energy management project at the east and west campuses of Renji Hospital, Shanghai 

    ◆Energy management project at the Shanghai Mental Health Center 

    ◆Energy management project at the Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai

    ◆Energy management project at the Far East International Plaza 

    Energy management project at Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong 

    Energy management project at the Third People's Hospital of Shanghai 

    Energy management project at the Songjiang District Central Hospital