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    The Shanghai Dream Island Tourism Industry Co., Ltd., is the group’s investment & operational platform in the culture and tourism industry. Today, the Group has established a clear strategy as well as a highly professional team. In the future, the company will build an influential culture and tourism industry chain with CCIG characteristics through industry and equity investment as well as the business integration.

    • Tianxi Lake Leisure Resort, Hangzhou

      Located on the shores of the Fuchun River in Fenshui Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou, the Resort makes full use of the natural landscape (including reservoir and valley landscapes) and cultural resources in Tonglu to create an integrated leisure complex that comprises boutique hotels, landscape residences, recreational and sports facilities as well as amenities for retirees and holidaymakers.

    • Australia Daydream Island Holiday Resort

      Located in the heart of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Daydream Island offers the visitor a quintessential tropical island experience with its incredible scenery, the world's largest living coral landscape and other unique resources. A traditional family holiday and honeymoon destination for many Australians, the Resort consecutively access to the Whitsunday Islands Luxury Hotels Awards, Best Tourism Attraction Award.

    • Australia South Molle Island

      Covering an area of 4 square kilometers, Australia South Molle Island is located in the core area of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. A world-class tourist destination, and close to Daydream Island, it comprises primitive forest, lakes on the top of the mountain, plants and animals, beach etc. Guests can enjoy the landscape and amenities, including national park, beach, swimming pool, golf course and resort facilities. Based on the resources of the Great Barrier Reef and    


    • Fenhu Project

      Located in the Fenhu Economic Development Zone, Wujiang District, Suzhou, Fenhu currently comprises a 11.5-acre breeding and planting area, a 13.8-acre water area, a nursery stock area measuring 34.6 acres and road coverage 4.9 acres. It will