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    As culture is the inner impetus of enterprise development.    

    we are dedicated to building distinctive and powerful culture, which improves staff quality and ability, and promotes business development..    




    Value-based management is our basic principle. We are dedicated to establishing value-creation oriented performance evaluation system for both the enterprise and staff, that is to say, sharing operating results should be in accordance with the added value of the enterprise and the contribution employees made.        

    Capability and efficiency are the basic principles of organization construction. We focus on constructing a business control system with independent operation, self-decision making and professional management, in which responsibility, right and interest equal to each other. We tend to flatten our organizational structure whenever possible.        

    Professionalism is the essential requirement of institution construction. We design and persistently optimize working system and process based on the principle of efficiency first, simplifying and standardizing work process in accordance with the value principle, continually improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. Innovation is the core requirement of sustainable development. We strive to innovate management, forming a work mechanism and atmosphere that encourage innovation, advocating employees’ initiative innovation and new knowledge and technology learning, so as to stimulate enterprise’s development. 





    Investment is our primary business. Value investing oriented, we always pay close attention to the current and expected market value of the invested enterprises, which are chosen by their value growth and time window.        

    Value creation is the ultimate goal of our business. We are committed to building resource allocation platform for inner competition , in which value-added business will get support and keep developing, while non- or less profitable business will be shrunk or even cut off.        

    Resources integration is our major way to create value. We uphold sharing, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation, integrating all kinds of resources to improve enterprise and customer value.        

    Stable development is the basic idea of our business operation. We persist to the investing principle, allowing for unforeseen circumstances, continuously paying attention to risks and taking precautions against them, preparing ourselves to be ready for any crisis. 





    Talent is our critical capital. In order to attract value creating team players, we are committed to building an open and cooperative platform, on which a multilevel, younger and professional team is formed. Being professional and conscientious is the basic requirement for talents. We respect every employee and treat them fairly, encouraging them to persistently create value by collaboration and hard working through self-decision making and full play of their unique strengths.        

    Professional, solid is our basic requirements for talent. We respect and treat every employee fairly and encourage our employees to work together and work hard to create value for our company based on our own choices and expertise.        

    Staff are the dominant power in value creating. We try to train those capable and loyal ones, who could grow into cornerstone of the enterprise. They are entitled with priority to become shareholders. Being positive is the common mental outlook of CCIG. We try to inspire the positive energy of every employee, helping them develop healthy mentality, perseverance and an optimistic mind.    


    As culture is the inner impetus of enterprise development, we are dedicated to building distinctive and powerful culture, which improves staff quality and ability, and promotes business development.        

    CCIG is a furnace for hard workers. We are committed to creating ecological environment, which could cultivate cooperation spirit, enabling staffs to complement each other’s advantages, activating their morale in the competition, creating value and making progress together.        

    CCIG is a business platform for hard workers. We will try our best to optimize the mechanism, which could turn CCIG into a platform for dream chasing, achievements making and results sharing, changing CCIG from an interest community into a career community.        

    CCIG is a happy home for hard workers. We believe in simple partnership, happy and harmonious working atmosphere, warm humanities concern, and try to make everyone feel that living a hard-working life is a real happy lifestyle.