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    CCIG 2017 yearly IT System Construction Workshop succesfully completed

      In the afternoon Mar 14th, CCIG IT System Construction 2017 Yearly Workshop was held in the large meeting room at first floor. The leading group members including Mr. Jiang Gaoming, Mr. Gao Feng, Mr. Wen Guangyong and other top managements have attended themeeting.

      On the meeting, the members of IT System Construction Group have respectively reported《CCIG 2016-2017 yearly IT Construction Working Situation》,which reviewed the overall working performance in 2016 and showed out both achievements and outstandings, meanwhile, they have demonstrated the key projects and action plans of 2017. As for the existing problems, all members have deeply discussed and proposed some relevantsuggestions.

      In the end, CCIG President Mr. Jiang Gaoming haspointed out next endeavor directions for IT system construction work, he emphasized that IT construction should serve for group and subordinate’s strategy, which can strongly support business development. We should further enforced IT security management and system development review work. IT staff will become the communication bridge to combine the outer advanced IT skills to internal management and business development requirements. IT system should generate efficiency at the largest extend to push group management and business performance step into an even higherlevel