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    CCIG Brightown was invited to attend

      The 2nd China Elder Care Industry Summit Lujiazui Meeting was held in Shanghai on March 15th .There are over 600 people who are interested in this field present on the meeting. CCIG subordinated company Shanghai Bairen Health Industry Co., Ltd. was invited to attend this summit, and general manager Mr. Yang Rong has made a speech themed on “The strategy confusion on the operation of elderly caring enterprises”. The topic focused on how to achieve the ROI expectation, the analysis on branches expansion and ROI %, the mechanism of industry entering and existing and other long-term sustainable developing issues. Mr.Yang has shared his unique thoughts with all guests on a very realistic view as an insider, and his speech has evoked a strong response on themeeting.

      Shanghai Bairen Health Industry Co., Ltd. was established since 2014. Its line of business includes: elderly-care chains, community elderly-care service, derivative service, qualified personnel training, and elderly-care informationplatform.

      More information, you can get it from weichat public platform viabairentang100.