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    CCIG Chairman Mr. Zhou Chuanyou visit Brightown Institutions

      On March 28th to 30th, CCIG Chairman Mr. Zhou Chuanyou led the investigatory group to visit 7 Brightown subordinates including Fuyang Ruifeng, Yiwu Yile, Hangzhou Changle institutions for onsite researching anddiscussion.

      In the investigation, Chairman Mr.Zhou has detail inquired the operation situation of all institutions, carefully listened the management team’s working report, warmly talking with elders and workers. The investigation group accommodated in the institution to experience the feelings of living conditions. Mr. Zhou has acknowledged the improvement in the operation and raised out expectations for further development that Brightown can upgrade institution expansion with even better service, which can form a distinctive character. Mr. Zhou also emphasized that Brightown should put service as first consideration, strictly control the risk of operation and establish the Brightown brand,meanwhile, company should enhance the cooperation with local government and enterprises, continuously development high quality projects, gradually construct an elder serve platform which covers diversity tiers of hospital, convalescent hospital, custodial facility, elders caringinstitutions.