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    CCIG Energy Exclusively Experts Argumentation Meeting Successfully Completed in Tianjing

      Organized by Tianjing MunicipalAdministrationofStateLand,ResourcesandHousing, the experts argumentation meeting hold on April 13th –14th . This meeting was exclusively for the core technology - dry in medium-deep geothermal heating technology, which independently developed by Shanghai CCIG Energy Investment Co., Ltd. Many industry professionals and government officials attended the meeting, including Mr. Wang peide, the vice counsel of Tianjing MunicipalAdministrationofStateLand,ResourcesandHousing, Mr.Cao yaofeng, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Duo ji, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Wang BingChen,the Senior State Department counselor andothers.

      The expertsgroupinspected the cleaning energy station project in Tianjing Zhuolang Science and Technology Park and carefully listened the report of project situation and core technologyofdry in medium-deep geothermalheating. On the meeting, the experts has respectively commented the project and highly consented that “gain heating without pumping water”is the ultimate goal for geothermal heating utility. It will make a great realistic meaning for city environment quality changing in China North Area if we can popularized this technology, this action will improve energy-saving and emission-reduction, moreover, it can release the press of water heatingexploring.

      The experts group suggested that CCIG should further enforce the research and development, gradually establish the standard and criterion, and continuously upgrade the technology level, meanwhile, improve the system function and decrease the cost, so that we can increase the technology economic productivity. CCIG Energy can try to receive more supports from government via enhancing construction investment on the demonstrationproject.

      This expert argumentation meeting’s success means a great acknowledge to CCIG independently development technology of dry in medium-deep geothermal heating. The birth of this technology will raise our country’s geothermal heating utility level to a newheight.