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    CCIG’s First Session of Leadership Training Camp Was Successfully Launched


    On August 5, 2017, CCIG’s first session of the Leadership Training Camp was successfully launched! Nearly 30 managers from headquarters and branch companys got together for a four-month study tour.

    On the first day ,the Chairman  Zhou ChuanYou and President Jiang GaoMing made a speech of the opening ceremony.

    After the opening ceremony, the managers formed a band together and started a communication between music and leadership. After a few hours practice, they finally shared a piece of I Believe, and showed the amazing power of the team work.

    The System Thinking, was the core course of the training camp. Professor Gu ZhengYa and Liu ZhaoYan led all the members to study through the classic game which called Beer Game,to train ability to see the Forest and the Trees.