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    A Group of Changning District Governor Gu Honghui Visit CCIG

      On September 1,2017 , Changning District Governor Gu Honghui, Deputy District Chief Xu Jing etc., came to CCIG and had a communicate at work. The Chairman Zhou Chuanyou , Vice Chairman Huang Yuqing, President Jiang Gaoming, Genanal Manager YangRong of BAIREN warmlywelcomethem.

      The Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Changning District and the Director of Health Planning Commission first introduced the present situation and development plan of the pension industry in Changning District Government. Subsequently, General Manager Yang rong introduced our company's health care industry layout, BRIGHTOWN pension service system and institutions to the government leaders of ChangningDistrict.

      In the symposium, the Chairman Zhou ChuanYouintroduced our layout and development of pension industry , and hope to be able to in under the guidance of the government, according to the concept of Quality & Balanced , participate in Changning pension industry constructionactively.

      Finally, District Governor Gu Honghui, Deputy District Chief Xu Jing also respectively, said the government was very welcome the enterprises like CCIG that has good pension business ideas, feelings, professional and powerful ,to developChangningPension Industry together with thegovernment.