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    To build a learning organization with professional ranking, promoting the professional development of talents

    ?In order to promote the inheritance of knowledge and experience within the organization, continue to improve the professional ability of the talent team, and build a learning organization, the group officially launched the 2018 professional sequence rating work in June.

    *On time, the work began six months earlier than normal, from past the end of the year one-time work, to last throughout the year, daily work, to promote more extensive and in-depth professional learning at ordinary times, communication, make the company-wide knowledge accumulation and professional discussed normalization and systemization.

    *From the standard, the work on the professional level of the first appointment and annual examination link has a more clear and strict requirements, promote staff reference standard, self driven, enhance the professional breadth and depth.

    *On the platform, BBS management is newly established on the basis of BBS investment, and employees of functional departments are encouraged to display, share and exchange professional themes based on the actual development of the enterprise. This will not only create a stronger learning atmosphere, but also create more value for the company's business development through professional discussion and ideological collision.