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    Cultural Activities One belief, One dream, One way - 20th anniversary of CCIG

    After twenty years of arduous efforts and development, CCIG has achieved 20 years development from weak to strong. Over the past 20 years, CCIG has achieved business logic with CCIG characteristics in domestic market, industry cultivation and layout balance integrate, sustainable development and innovation spirit neck by neck. At present, CCIG has formed a business mode with four engines --“industry investment, industry operation, capital operation and capital management, involved in real estate development, mineral development, health care, cultural tourism, energy investment, information industry, etc.

    It was twenty years ago that CCIG spark up the flame in Hongqiao Shanghai.CCIG had experienced growth out of youth. Today, CCIG has achieved dream through trials and hardships. 20 years precious time, we witnessed vicissitudes of CCIG…