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    We are serious about hiking, rain or shine - 2016 spring hiking of CCIG held

    On May 28, the 2016 Enterprise Spring Hiking was held in scenic Luci Town, Tonglu City with the theme of Keep working, the dream never ceases. About 50 people attended. It had been raining heavily for days until Friday morning it turned to drizzle, yet far from stop, The tedious rain, however, did not ruin the attendants’ enthusiasm and high spirits. At 9 am the hiking started from the riverside, one of the most beautiful roads along Fuchun River. 

    Steep mountains, deep valleys, hanging cliffs, broad river, unity in men and nature, we were in a picturesque world.. Everybody released pressure from work and felt relaxed. Some of them went with vigorous pace, and some lilt their feet. From time to time they stopped so as to record the scenery. Far from hustle and bustle, they felt peaceful in the bottom of their heart with the quiet scenery.

    Actually, life seems like hiking. Sometimes, we should stop to enjoy roadside scenery, savor and feel every moment of it instead of always in a rush. After nearly three hours, finally we reached the destination. The joy of victory on each CCIG’s face was retained in the picture forever. 

    As a traditional activity of the company, hiking has consecutively been held for three times. Hiking, in a sense of asceticism, requires personal ability, team work, which is in accordance with the core values of CCIG, “value, cooperation and happiness”